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The store is full of vintage and other interesting items that were collected over the years by people in the community and which come to us through consignment or donation.

Please contact us if you are interested in making donations to the store or selling though consignment.

20% of sales are donated to our three chosen charities for 2024. They are:

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission, Bridgewater. 'It’s a home for the homeless in Halifax, Bridgewater & Truro. It’s hope for the hopeless. It’s food for the stomach and food for the soul. It’s friendship for the lonely.'

South Shore Hospice Palliative Care Society. Support and promote compassionate care for individuals and their loved ones who are living with a life-limiting illness.

Integrity's Haven Equine Rescue Centre. A reigstered charity farm in Chester Basin for rescued, sick, senior and surrendered animals. Not just for horses!

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