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With less than 2 years on the ‘Block’ as a store, Blockhouse Trading Company is growing community through consignment. The building has been quiet for several decades and it has been brought back to life, just like the consigned items become treasured by new owners.. The store is an eclectic mix of consignment items - old and newer, plus new Japanese stationery and Moomins. As you walk through the door, you are met with a feast for the eyes; organised chaos that still feels open and welcoming.

Our goal from the start was to support neighbours through vintage consignment and donations:

  • Consignors receive money from sales, as do local charities

  • Unsold items are donated to charity

The list of consignors is growing steadily, but we are also noticing something more exciting!

Consignors come to us for many reasons such as downsizing or moving; dealing with a loved one’s estate; reselling a collection of items; and the list continues. Whatever the reason, the stories and emotions that are shared in the consignment process create a strong human connection. This bond is reinforced as communication is sustained through messages and check-ins at the store. Consignors may visit for a chat and soon customers become engaged too. Having a first time home owner realise they are purchasing an item once cherished by a local family, and maybe learning a little of its history is a special moment. Its a full circle interaction that honours the past and present, and a sustainable solution for keeping history in the community.

So we are excited when we understand we have ‘something’ here. We truly are a Community Consignment Store and have become a place to stop by, whether you have a reason to or not. As this phenomenon grows we recognise the importance of such places in a community, especially where so much of our modern life takes place online. Whether it is a library, cafe, gym or store, whatever service is provided, the underlying message to the community should always be universally welcoming and supportive.

Congratulations to all our consignors for creating your community store. Looking forward to the next catch up and hearing new stories of items you bring to us.

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